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August 2019

HUD CNI Notice

HUD released noticed of funds available to selected Choice Neighborhoods projects

September 2019

Community Listening & Design Workshops

Community events and workshops took place to gain feedback from residents on the design and features of the proposed community to HUD.

February 2020

CNI Grant Award

Project team was notified of Winston-Salem as a CNI Awardee.

April 2021 - April 2022

Phase 1 Housing Design Process

Process for designing Phase I of the community begins. Monthly resident meetings occur to gain valuable feedback from residents on their new community.

Spring 2021

Critical Community Improvements Community Engagement

Monthly community engagement events began to gain input from residents on the Critical Community Improvements proposed in the new community.

Jan, 25, 2023

Ongoing Citizens Advisory Steering Committee Meeting Begin

The Citizens Advisory Steering Committee (CASC) serves as a vital touchpoint to the Winston-Salem CNI project, providing advisory observations and recommendations to The Housing Authority and the City concerning various elements of the project.

July 2021

Contractor Information Fair & Training Opportunity

Training and information fair for interested section 3 and MWBE subcontractors.

Fall 2022

Financial Closing

Financial closing of project to take place and construction on Phase I will commence.

Fall 2022

Housing Construction begins

Construction of new housing begins.

January 2024

Phase I - All Units Available for Leasing

Units of Phase I will be available for lease up by current and new residents.